Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My story of sewing from the beginning...

My story begins with my grandmother who was a seamstress by trade, she made some interesting quilted home decorations in bright orange nylon with hideous cheap lace edging.  My mum tells me stories about her coming home from work, making dinner then stitching up a dress to wear to go out in the same evening.  I never got to see her garment sewing skills but I know she was very skilled.

My mum always had a sewing machine in the house and used it intermittently to sew clothes for herself, me and my sisters, (my brother never had home sewn clothing, but he did have some 'special' knitted jumpers).

One of the first home sewn garments I remember is picture below, this is me in back in 1978 aged 2 years wearing a white nylon dress with navy roses which my mum made, the best part was she had a matching dress too (how very modern).

Until recently I had never sewn but did watch my mum sewing a lot when growing up and especially when she made my flower girl dresses for my wedding.  I learnt quite a lot from assisting her with the dresses especially 'avoid chiffon' for a long time and I embellished and hemmed the dresses my self (by hand). My three small nieces did look beautiful in the dresses at our wedding.
Mum hasn't sewn any wearable garments since this my wedding which is almost six years ago now (she made some quilts).  Which is were my personal sewing journey begins.

After finishing studying for my degree and graduating I found myself with 'spare time' which I decided to fill my making a dress for summer last year.  I asked mum if I could borrow here sewing machine,which resulted in scissors too, I purchased a pattern and fabric and set to work.  I can't show you the results of my first attempts at sewing but needless to say they were unwearable, I enjoyed the process though and learned from each mistake.  From early May 2013 to now I have attempted  few projects and have a couple of wearable items. I have been truly bitten by the sewing bug and yes you guessed it, my mum never got her sewing machine or scissors back (she has purchased a new ones now so I get to keep them).  My kit has grown through gifts from my mum and husband with the addition of a dress form, pinking shears, presser feet, a collection of patterns, rulers and general kit, and for christmas a bias binder machine and rotary cutter (I love the rotary cutter A LOT!).  Until the start of this week I have been working at the dinner table but my husband promised me that if we can sort out the home gym I can use the spare room as a sewing space.  I never cleaned up and out so fast and headed to ikea with money gifted to us by my father in law to purchase simple but functional furniture.  Now I (we, my husband, mum and I) have invested so much time and money in my new found passtime I can't give up and I have to keep sewing, learning and creating.  

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