Thursday, 2 January 2014

Going from dipping my toe in, to jumping in the deep end...

Since the new obsession took hold.... (there I admitted it, I AM OBSESSED) I have purchased a few patterns and made a couple of wearable garments, nothing fancy just simple summer dresses and tunics, like this one I made for Christmas week for work ( I work with preschool children, hence the fun factor).

The fabrics I have used so far have generally been cotton and fairly inexpensive, no more that £6 per m.  I am becoming more confident and really wanted to challenge myself to create something with a little more style and finesse.

I checked out the new spring patterns and found one I liked the look of and I am hoping that it will look good once finished on my very curvy (more super voluptuous really) body.  Here is the technical drawing, it is Butterick 5998 and is described as a fitted lined dress.  
It has sleeves, another bonus for me...

Another new thing for me was ordering fabric on line, I was very worried about this since I was buying fabric I couldn't feel and I like to do that  (we all do right?) and the fact that I was going to be spending double the money I am used to on fabric, I felt a little apprehensive.  Once my fabric (satin backed crepe) arrived I headed to my local fabric store, I will tell you more about this place another time but it really is impressive and has a huge amount of stock, they specialise in bridal fabrics but have a great range of everything else you might need.  I collected lining, thread, zip etc and I also decided to buy some suitable fabric to make a muslin.  Now I didn't buy actual muslin, I got a lightweight cotton but it will do the job and at only £1.10 per meter I am not going to argue. 

So this is the plan (feel free to chip in if you can give me some advice)....  I plan to make the actual dress with the dull crepe facing out and the satin on the inside, I will reverse the two pattern pieces (wavy bits) on the front for a bit more definition to the seam detail. Here's the fabric and notion.....

So I have everything I need and I am ready to get going...

I am determined to TAKE MY TIME and NOT RUSH like I usually do, I really want a wearable dress from this project and it has become quite costly so far.

Tonight I have cut out my pattern pieces adjusting/grading up as I go where I think I need the extra room (to cover my out of proportion hips and butt) and roughly pinned the paper pattern together on my dress form to check it kind of all works, so far so good, there doesn't seem to be much ease but it is a fitted dress.

Next step it to try it out on my muslin... watch this space.... and don't forget to leave any comments and advice - please remember to be kind though.

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