Sunday, 5 January 2014

Butterick 5998

Day 1:  Spent a long time adjusting pattern pieces, I have a huge butt and need to go up 2+ pattern sizes to fit it in, I would like to say I am a curvy pear shape but if I am honest my body is more the shape of a snowman.

Day 2:  Cut out muslin for test run.

Day 3: Stitched front panels, unpicked front panels... restitched front panels, huffed and puffed a lot, almost gave up, cooked dinner and had a break...   You can see why I struggles with the curvey panels from the pattern image.

Sewed back of dress muslin and attached to front, I left the back open were the zip would go and used hook and loop to gauge how it will fit with a real zipper inserted.  After trying the dress on,   it was a struggle to get it over my hips and there is no way I could sit down in it I realised that the pattern adjustments I originally made just didn't work, I had these two little flappy bits at the side where I added width, obviously not where I should have. I added width at the sides and I need it at the back, I don't know what to do now???????

After reassessing I have decided to take out the back of the dress and start it over adjusting at the back princess seams, I am not sure if this will work but I have muslin to try and I suppose I will learn something, it will work and I will jump for joy or it will not work and will cry and start over (or give up).  One thing is for sure I will not cut into my Prada fabric until I get it right.

Today I made further adjustment to the pattern, I added width at the back seams where indicated below (at the red arrows) and I made a sway back (fat bum) alteration where the blue shading is.  I recut muslins for the back and stitched it all together.
Now I don't know what happened but one side of the dress fits like a dream and one side just does not match up at all.  The shoulder seam is too wide,  the back side panel is too long and the middle back is too short.   Then I realised I took out almost two inches from the length due to the swayback alteration but i didn't add it back on to the length at the hem.  I have no idea what happened at the shoulder though maybe I just cut it with a fold in the fabric or something I was rushing.  But then when wearing the musiln for a few moments I realise that the whole dress is twisting towards the badly fitting side. ????????????????   I am puzzled, maybe I just have the most weirdly out of proprtion body, (I already knew that though).

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