Sewing Plans

I purchased the new Bluegingerdoll pattern 'The Winifred Dress'  along with 2 meters of beautiful 60 inches wide cotton which the pattern states is needed, however the pattern pieces will not fit on and I need to purchase more fabric before I get to sew this.... roll on payday.

Washi tunic - these are just perfect for work wear and I plan to make one with a length of liberty lawn I have in my stash, I believe it is called Mouvey.
I paid £16 ($27)for just over two meters, that is a super price for Liberty fabric and I am sure it will make a beautiful tunic top.

I am planning the Vogue DKNY 1160 in black chiffon fabric that is highly patterned with skulls, I have not really worked with chiffon before and I know this is going to be a real challenge so I plan to leave this project for a while so I can give it the full attention it deserves.  I would love it finished before Halloween though.


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