Sunday, 12 January 2014

It's coming along slowly...

I have been working on the butterick 5988 for a little while now, I spent a long time adjusting the pattern which resulted in me cutting and sticking more than I should have, you see what I have been experimenting with below, too much tape and tissue...

I eventually got around to cutting some fabric but after the strange twisting, not matching up muslin I decided to cut and sew the lining first, the lining fabric was inexpensive so I wasn't too fussed if it went wrong.  I spent the whole of Saturday afternoon putting it together and it worked out fine, fits well, although it does feel a little loose around the shoulders, but I figure t will get almost and inch smaller once the lining is stitched to the outer garment so for now I am going with it.
Today I had time......   I love Sundays I just wish they weren't so close to Mondays.  I laid out my beautiful satin backed crepe and cut out the final pattern pieces............  Scary cutting expensive fabric.
I also had time to start sewing and I leared some new things about sewing today....  well actually it was about pinning, 
 I learned that it is not easy to pin a curved seam on a flat surface, so don't even try, I learned a pinch the fabric together technique which seemed to work out.

I also learned that using a hand needle and thread is much easier when basting in a zipper.

So far I have sewn the front of the dress and started the back, iserted the zipper and made the lining.  It is shaping up  nicely, what do you think???

The Front Panel, looking good on a flat surface.

Pinned to my dress form, I have wrinkles!!!!   hopefully they will iron out,  I still have to finish the back, sew it together, attach the lining and sleeves, and hem it.  That will be next weekends jobs.

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