Friday, 24 January 2014

Dress is finished, ish................

At last I have finished my dress, there have been a few issues to deal with but its almost at a wearable stage.  The neck was ridiculously wide and ended up looking like an off the shoulder style dress, I added a self made halter strap which I think you will agree looks like part of the design.  I still need to hem the sleeves but if I am honest I probably will not wear it anyway.  Its just not my style, I feel awkward in it.  I also sewed in some little puckers (you can see them on the left) which cannot be removed (I am very annoyed with my self for this).  The photo is not great quality because I only have my phone available (my camera battery needs charging)

I am being positive about the whole process I may not ever wear the dress, and I might have made a few mistakes along the way but I learned from them and I enjoyed the process (mostly), I am moving on for now and ready to start a new project. Hopefully the next one will be one I can and will wear.

How many items did you sew before you actually got to wear something?

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  1. I have this pattern, but I haven't sewn with it yet. So sorry it didn't work for you.