Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Liberty Washi Tunic

shirring at the back
I finished my Washi tunic, I like it, just like...  I wish I had done a bust alteration as it pulls and feels a little tight. I cut it out on the pattern guide but I wish I had made it a little longer, never mind, there is always next time and this will get worn.  
Beautiful French seams

Lining machine stitched to upper bodice
The inside of the tunic is almost as pretty as the outside, after finally conquering shirring I had a go at French seams and machine stitching the lining in place (rather than doing it by hand).

I even managed to sew a beautiful evenly spaced double row stitiched hem.


  1. I really like your tunic! It's pretty! Don't worry about everything not being perfect, I know that when I first started sewing I wore some janky stuff too. It's a part of the creative process - so just keep sewing! Oh and I stopped by because I saw that you started Butterick 5998. Did you ever finish it? Thanks!

    1. Thanks Carolyn, yes I did finish the butterick 5998 but I found the neckline way too big and impossible to wear .