Monday, 21 April 2014

Buttons Buttons Everywhere!

This weekend I managed to finish (well almost finish) a couple of garments I have had in my unfinished items pile for a while.  The first one was my favourite and most sewn pattern (Butterick 4443) to date in a quirky button print cotton lawn fabric which I purchased in the sale at £4 per meter ($6.72) it is black with brightly coloured buttons printed all over it.

I had sewn the dress up a while ago but got disheartened when the lining became twisted and pulled the bodice out of shape.  Well I decided to try and sort it out.  It worked out wearable although the shoulders are a little on the large side and gape a little.  I made a simple belt to go around the waist and decorated it with a random buttons from my stash, I loved sewing them on with contrasting thread, they look so cute.
The dress in now finished and although it not the best fitting I ever made it is wearable.  Please excuse the photographs today it was the best I could capture whist balancing my camera on top of my sewing machine, an without spending hours washing, drying and styling my hair.

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  1. This is just smashing! Love the idea of the belt too.