Tuesday, 22 April 2014

I blooming well did it!!!!

Well I have been sewing for just over a year now and I have learned a lot, I guess I would say I am an advanced beginner.  I can do straight stitching, have almost mastered bindings and interfacing but could I get shirring?   NO NO NO...  I tried and I tried and I tried but I just couldn't do it.

First Washi Tunic (front view only because the back is ugly)
My first attempt was when I was sewing my first Washi tunic/top but I gave up and did a random sewing in of 1.5inch wide elastic, it is wearable but not the prettiest sewing ever.  That front looks beautiful but the back????  Well it has the 'I guess I will keep my cardigan on' look.

Shirring (not amazingly straight but pretty damn good)

Well today I started to work on another Washi, made from beautiful Liberty lawn fabric.  I was going to sew a casing but I thought I would give shirring one more try and guess what??? 

It worked, I did it.  I will hopefully show you the finished Washi in the next day or so but for now you can look at my beautifully shirred back and tell me what  good job I did.  hehehehehehehheh!!!

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