Sunday, 13 April 2014

Gertie for Butterick 6031 - Sew, sew then sew some more...

I just love time off from work to do what I want.  I am very blessed to work term time only (I wasn't calling it blessed last week when I worked approximately 60 hours) so for the next two weeks I have time off from the day job to sew, sew and sew some more.   I mentioned a few post back that I intended to sew along with Gertie during the next few weeks to create a full slip for wearing as an under garment. 
Fabric and Notions

 Well I sourced by materials and pattern and have been waiting for what seems like ever..... I am very inpatient when it comes to waiting and very excited when it comes to sewing so I just couldn't wait any longer so decided to go it alone.

I got out of bed this morning and decided that today was the day so after a cup of tea and a couple of slices of toast I set to work.  The pattern was simple enough only 4 pieces in total, I cut out the pieces grading out where needed (around by huge bottom) which was easy and quick to complete.  

I chose to use a micro stretch jersey which has a beautiful drape and brushed surface, this was suggested by Gertie herself and I managed to source some at a really good price in the UK at an online shop called Tia Knight Fabrics finding the right width and colour stretch lace was a little more of a challenge but thank to ebay I managed to find a 5m length at a good price.  I cut out the fabric which is done on the cross grain, this was the trickiest part of the whole process.

zig zag overstitched narrow seam - this is the bust dart seam
Now it was machine time, with a ball point needle inserted and coordinating thread in place I started to follow the instructions to sew.   I am not yet the owner of a serger/overlocker (I am waiting for my birthday which is in November so I have to wait a while yet) so all the sewing was completed on my trusty brother sewing machine.   I trimmed the seams in the bra sections and zig zagged along the edge to stop rolling or fraying of the fabric (it is a knit fabric so I guess that should be to stop the unknitting of the fabric).  It worked out fine and should stand up to quite a bit of wear.

I completed the slip within a few hours and it really is pretty, comfortable and functional, the only issue i had is that in haste to get it complete I cut the v shaped split at the bottom the wrong side, it doesn't effect the wear-ability but it does feel a little akward. 
Fabric cut away under lace

Here are a couple more photos of the beautiful lace and the cut away sections (trimmed to make flesh visible) 
Beautiful lace - this is the hemline of the slip

I used Madge (my dress form) today to model my garment because well.....  I am just to prudish to be seen in my underwear on the internet, although it looks better on me than it does on her, ( you will have to take my word for it but I think her red cover is not such a good look for modelling underwear).

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  1. It looks great!
    I am doing this sew along too, and am a bit disappointed at the lack of interaction. She hasn't replied to anybodies questions yet, and hasn't even started the cutting out. I think I'll do the same as you and just start it whenever I feel like it - I don't want to waste my two weeks off either! :-)